A view of open ocean with rippling waves, flanked in the back by triangular mountains, some of which are covered in snow. Blue sky covers the top of the frame.

A young white woman with chin length brown hair  (me) smiles from atop the Space Needle. She is wearing a black and blue patterned dress and a purple jacket. The joystick and tray of a power chair are partially visible. The city is visible in the background.

The Eiffel Tower, in all its glory. A tall structure made of metal latticework extends skyward until it comes to a pyramid-like point. It is flanked by overcast sky and a bit of greenery on the bottom corners

A  young white  woman is  wearing a purple 3E Love T-shirt with the word "love" incorporating the wheelchair  heart symbol, as well as a necklace and earrings of various colors. She is smiling. Her  power wheelchair is visible, as is her closet, and railing in the background which has various clothing items hanging on it, most notably a blue rain jacket

A young white woman  is wearing a periwinkle shirt and khaki shorts. She is strapped into a green climbing harness connected to several carabiners and ropes. She has on  a red helmet which covers her hair. She is attempting to climb (or be hoisted up) a multicolored rock wall.  Her right hand  is outstretched  attempting to grab one of the handholds, which is green. A tree is visible in the background to her left.
 A young white woman is standing not quite straight, bent forward slightly  against the background of the lake dotted with orange buoys. She is wearing a black wetsuit jacket and has  an orange  life vest over  her head. A yellow kayak skirt  is attached to her waist. Her brown hair is  slicked back from being wet. She is smiling widely. She it is holding onto 2  women, one of whom it is wearing a black wetsuit jacket and a swimsuit, and the other is wearing a blue pullover, jeans, and  a yellow baseball cap.
  A young white woman with very short brown hair who is wearing a purple shirt smiles from her wheelchair. She is holding a water bottle. Alongside her are  two younger boys, her brothers. The  closest is the younger of the 2, and he is   smiling up at the camera with his eyes closed, wearing a yellow raincoat. The other, who is taller and  older, is wearing a short sleeve blue T-shirt. He is smiling down at the other boy and is holding his khaki colored baseball cap in his hand. In the background  are many people's feet  walking around.

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