Friday, November 22, 2013

Privilege is......

·             So I spent  the last couple weeks in diversity  training for various parts of my classes. One thing I love about it is that  it really tries to get people involved in something that they don't often think about. I love the work that I do, and have started to do in the past year. I will say by no means am I a perfect human being, and  I learn more about how to be more inclusive every day. Making this list of my own  privileges in various categories is something I should have done a long time ago.  Please feel free to discuss and add any  that I might have missed. Discussion with others is really what it should be all about.

·      Straight
·      Cisgender
·      Have roof over my head
·      Have enough food to eat
·      Getting higher education
·      Have nice clothes/technology
·      Native English speaker
·      U.S. Citizen
·      Hearing
·      Spent time raised in a middle class family
·      Can communicate without relying on others
·      Never had someone question my sexual orientation
·      Can see a Doctor when necessary
·      Can yell for help in another room and get a response
·      Can use phone independently
·      Can listen to music whenever I want
·      Have never had someone outside my culture think they know my language better than I do.
·      Can work with accommodation
·      Can tolerate chemicals and scents without getting sick
·      Sometimes given charity because of my ability status
·      Have use of all five senses
·      Never had my sanity questioned legitimately
·      Can write
·      Can type
·      Can make my own health care decisions
·      Can travel
·      Have access to clean water
·      Can have conversation with almost whom ever I want
·      Within the acceptable standards of size, weight and beauty
·      A traditional age college student
·      Can read
·      Have never been brutalized by police
·      Can spell correctly
·      Have never been racially profiled
·      Chronic pain is not so much that it affects my daily existence
·      Neurotypical
·      Can vote